What Did You Do With Yours? ‘Where there’s a Wheel there’s a way’

Paul has written in to tell us how he has used his RT2PGREY (eBay Code RT01) to excellent use for an elderly neighbour.  Paul has made various sized heavy duty plant pot dollies to help his neighbour to move her larger and heavier pots around her paved garden.

Paul said the lady can now relocate her plants to anywhere in her garden without any difficulty, this is also helped by the fact that the castors have rubber tyres which glide so easily over the ground compared to the plastic wheels on her old dollies.  Each castor has a load rating of 40kg so even the largest pots are no match for the castors.

Because Paul is so impressed with the castors he is also thinking of many other uses for them and he plans to put some of those ideas into action in the future.  I hope you will let us know what they are Paul because these certainly do look impressive.  We also loved Paul’s catchphrase – ‘WHERE THERE’S A WHEEL THERE’S AWAY’

Thank you Paul for sharing ‘What did you do with Yours?’ with us.  The castors shown in the photo are available to buy at our eBay shop or similar ones can be found at www.rolltek.co.uk

If you would like to feature in the Rolltek Blogs you will automatically be entered into our Monthly Competition for a lovely box of chocolates, then please provide pictures and a brief summary of ‘What You Did With Yours’ to cindy@rolltek.co.uk