What Did You Do With Yours? Pole Vault Cover

Chris has used his  RT8LPPU-RB Swivel Castors (eBay Code RT25) to put on the bottom of a Pole Vault Mat Cover that he made for his local athletics club.

Chris sketched a box section steel frame and the two key dimensions were the Pole Vault Mat and the castors.  The Pole Vault Mat is 8m x 5m so Chris decided to build the cover in two halves that meet in the centre.  Chris used 50mm x 50mm x 2mm steel box section and 12 x 200ml Heavy Duty Castors – RT8LPPU-RB (eBay Code RT25).

The box section was cut and arc welded together before being galvanized.  The cover was then bolted together at the track and clad in plastic coated steel sheets that are used to clad warehouses.  Handles and locks were added to complete the cover.  Please see the photos below.

This has saved the club approx 8k which is a huge saving.  Well done Chris and thank you for sharing What You Did With Yours with Rolltek.   The Athletics club are that pleased that they have now asked Chris to build covers for the long jump pits!    We hope you will be using Rolltek Castors again for this project Chris!

The castors shown in the photos are available to buy at our eBay Shop or similar ones can be found on our website on www.rolltek.co.uk.

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