What Did You Do With Yours? Garden Planter

Rachel has used her 4 x RT4LPBLU Castors (eBay Code RT19) to put on the bottom of a large garden planter.

Rachel has written the following: ” I had a large garden planter with a six foot Camellia in which was extremely heavy to move.  I thought if I made a timber frame and fixed some castors to it this would make it far easier to move.  I messaged Rolltek and received a very speedy reply recommending that I use 4 x Heavy Duty Flight Case Swivel Castors (eBay Code RT19) .   I duly purchased these from eBay and made a base and attached the castor’s and put my planter on top.  This works amazingly well, far better than I expected.  They glide across the driveway enabling me to move the tree around with ease.”

Thank you Rachel for sharing ‘What Did You Do With Yours’ the photos below show what a good job you have done with our castors and your planter.

The castors shown in the photos are available to buy at our eBay Shop or similar ones can be found on our website at www.rolltek.co.uk

If you would like to feature in the Rolltek Blogs then please send us a couple of photos and a brief summary of ‘What Did You Do With Yours’ and you will automatically be entered into our Monthly Competition for a lovely box of chocolates.  Please send to cindy@rolltek.co.uk