What Did You Do With Yours? – ‘Eye-Gaze Communication System Frame’

Dominic recently purchased 2 x RT2BHGREY and 2 x RT2BHBGREY (eBay Code RT37) to put on the bottom of a frame he has made for a very special young lady.  This is what Dominic sent to us:

” I am an engineer and was approached by a gentleman that knew some of my work colleagues.  The gentleman concerned has stables on an area of land which he allocates free of charge for a small charity called Therapeutic Hooves www.therapeutichooves.com.  They use the facility for one to one and group equestrian therapy for adults, children and families with varying degrees of physical, emotional, behavioural and mental health needs.  This can range from mild anxieties right through to life limiting illnesses.  They not only provide support for the individual attending the session but also the families and carers, giving them some often much needed rest bite from difficult and challenging situations at home.

One young girl who attends the sessions called Charlie suffers with a lifelong illness which not only restricts her to a wheelchair, but also leaves her with no means of communication.  Her parents have recently purchased for her an eye gaze communication system.  This is a screen about the size of an iPad that monitors and learns her eye movements and allows her to not only communicate but opens up a whole new world to her where she can select music, play games and it gives her some sort of control and individuality in her life.

As you  can imagine, the system has a very hefty price tag! Currently she can only use this when she is in her wheelchair as it mounts to the frame of this .  A moveable frame allowing use, for example in bed is available to purchase but as you probably guessed is also rather expensive!

I was asked if I could make a moveable frame for Charlie, to extend the use of her eye gaze system beyond the confines of her wheelchair.  I have donated my man hours and expertise to manufacture a frame free of charge for the young girl in the hope that this will improve her quality of life.  The castors purchased from you will be supporting the frame and in turn supporting this young girl, Charlie!

I am sure you will agree that this is a fabulous blog that puts things into perspective.  Dominic has kindly sent in a couple of lovely photos showing the frame along with Charlie and her mother. The local newspaper attended the handing over.

Thankyou Dominic for sharing ‘What Did You Do With Yours?’ with us.  Such a worthwhile cause and I am sure Charlie will get much pleasure from using her frame.

The castors shown in the photo are available to buy at our eBay Shop or similar ones can be found on our website www.rolltek.co.uk

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