What Did You Do With Yours? – Cricket Ground Batting Frame

Gordon purchased his 4 RTPWR260PP2075RED Puncture Proof Wheels (eBay Code RT49) to put on his second hand Mobile Batting Frame for his local cricket ground.

Gordon said he was very pleased with his purchase as it will save him a lot of hassle being puncture proof as he will not have to keep pumping up the tyres!.  The Batting Frame moves nice and easy over rough and smooth terrain which also makes life easier.   Gordon has kindly sent us in a couple of pictures of his frame with Rolltek Wheels on.

Thank you for phoning in Gordon and sharing with us ‘What You Did With Yours’   The wheels shown in the photo are available to buy at our eBay Shop or similar ones can be found on our website at www.rolltek.co.uk.

If you would like to feature in the Rolltek Blogs then please send us a couple of photos and a brief summary of ‘What You Did With Yours’ and you will automatically be entered into our Monthly Competition for a lovely box of chocolates.  Please send to cindy@rolltek.co.uk GordonGill2      GordonGill3