What Did You Do With Yours? – A Dalek Named Mercury


Nathan has used his 4 x RT6LPBBU-RB Castors (eBAy Code RT61) to replace his old castors on his fabulous Dalek called Mercury.

Nathan built his Dalek himself  and he said ‘I do a lot of fundraising with my Dalek and it needed some new wheels to help roll it around scaring the general public!’

This is the second Dalek we have been advised that the owners have used Rolltek Castors in their build.   Thank you Nathan for sharing ‘What Did You Do With Yours’ with us.

The Castors shown in the photo are available to buy at our eBay Shop or similar ones can be found on our website at www.rolltek.co.uk  

If you would like to feature  in the Rolltek Blogs then please send us a couple of photos and a brief summary of ‘What You Did With Yours’ and you will automatically be entered into our Monthly Competition for a lovely box of chocolates.  Please send to cindy@rolltek.co.uk