Rolltek International Ltd Helping the Local Community

Rolltek International Ltd along with Die-Pat Ltd have over the recent months worked closely with the local Food Bank in Daventry.

We recently had another collection of what most of us would class as everyday items, but to some are luxury treats.  i.e. Tinned Puddings, custards, biscuits, canned meals etc even down to toiletries etc.  These were taken to our local Food Bank and as you will see from the letter below, received with great thanks.


We would like to say thanks to you and your colleagues for the food donations that you delivered to us. Its very kind of all who donated and care about those in our community who are in crisis and struggling to feed their children and themselves. One of the main reasons the Vineyard started the food bank was when hearing of a mom who was struggling to survive, putting just bread and jam on the table for her children and going without herself. It’s hard to believe that such poverty exists today, sadly it does.

Again thank you to everyone

We would encourage anyone that can donate a few tins of food/biscuits/toiletries to their local Food Bank to please do so and help the people who for whatever reason may not be as fortunate as ourselves.