Bolthole castors are most popular for items such as tables, trolleys, catering trolleys, garment rails etc.  They are used when fitting to a metal tube, or if the space does not allow a plate to be fitted.

A bolthole castor, also known as a stem castor is designed to be mounted with a fastener through the centre of the swivel head.  Bolthole castors can be fitted with expanders, threaded stems, solid steel stems, loose bolts etc.  Due to having a single stem, bolthole castors are limited in the maximum weight they can carry compared to a plate fitting castor.  Bolthole castors should carry a maximum load of 400kg.

One benefit of using bolthole castors over plate fitting castors is that buffers (see below) can be fitted to the stem.  This protects walls and furniture from impact whilst an application is in motion.  Bolthole castors fitted with buffers are frequently found on hospital beds to minimise impact on both patient and walls.


Plate Castors are most popular for use on flightcases, trolleys, tool boxes, garage applications and they can also be used for towing.  They are used in an application where there is plenty of room to fit the plate and also where stability and greater weight bearing is required.

A plate castor is mounted with four bolts, one in each corner of the plate.  A Plate castor can carry a greater weight loading than a bolthole as the weight is spread across the plate and the four bolts.  A plate castor will easily carry 2500kg and more providing the correct bracket and wheel is used.

Plate castors are available in a  range of sizes with many different wheel types available such as grey rubber, blue elastic, nylon, anti-static etc.

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