What Did You Do With Yours? Vintage Amp

Christopher used his 2x RT4PGREY 100mm Plate Swivel Castor and 2 x RT4PBGREY (eBay Code RT32)  100mm Braked Swivel Castor to put on the bottom of his vintage amp. Christopher said ‘It lifts my vintage amp up, they provide great stability and the tyres absorb vibration from the equipment at volume.  Thank you Christopher for sharing ‘What Did You Do With Yours?’  The castors shown in the photo are available to buy  at our eBay Shop or similar ones are available at www.rolltek.co.uk  If you would like to feature in the Rolltek Blogs and enter our Monthly Competition, then please provide pictures and a brief summary of what you did with your Wheels/Castors to cindy@rolltek.co.uk

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