What Did You Do With Yours? Mobile Grass Collector

  Paul has used his 4″ Swivel Castors (eBay code RT73 eBay Shop) to fit supports for his grass collector so that he can wheel it around his workshop and make it easier to fit to his tractor.  Paul says ‘They work a treat.  As one gets older I am always looking for ways of making heavy jobs easier’.  This is the second order that Paul has placed with Rolltek, he says ‘ I think you offer a great range of decent quality castors at very good prices’.   Thank you for those comments Paul and thank you for sharing ‘What Did You Do With Yours’.   The Castors shown in the photo are available to buy at our eBay Shop or similar ones are available at www.rolltek.co.uk If you would like to feature in the Rolltek Blogs and be entered into our monthly competition then please provide pictures and a brief summary of what you did with your castors/wheels to cindy@rolltek.co.uk    

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