Competition Winners

Hi,  Just to update our competition winners over the past year.  If you would like to be in with a chance of winning some lovely Thorntons Chocolates please let us know ‘What You Did With Yours’ by emailing
Feb 2015 – Tristan with his Veneer Press – March 2015 – Michael with his Scammell Fire Pump – April 2015 – Peter with his Mobile Water Tank – May 2015 – Peter with his movable Spray Unit – June 2015 – Ian with his Coffee Table – July 2015 – Jean with her movable Plant Pots – Aug 2015 – Trevor with his movable Filing Cabinet – Sept 2015 – No Entries – Oct 2015 – David with his skinning bench – Nov 2015 – Paul with his Custom Trolley for Porsche Bodyshells – Dec to Feb – No competition – March 2016 – Anneka with Oswin the Dalek. –
Most of the above blogs have now been published, what hasn’t been published will be released onto the website over the next couple of weeks.  Please take a look and send in your photos. Box of Thorntons Chocolates    

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