What did you do with yours?

What Did You Do With Yours? – Custom Trolleys for Classic Porsche Bodyshells – Nov 2015 Competition Winner

  Paul uses our RT8LPBPU-RB (eBay Code RT44) Braked/Swivel Castors to put on his custom trolleys to move his classic 911 bodyshells around his workshop. Paul says ” These are the only castors we have found that matches the decor of our factory and moves effortlessly over our resin workshop floor”.  Thank you Paul for […]

What Did You Do With Yours? – Mobile Water Tank – April 2015 Competition Winner

Peter has used his 8″ (200mm) Medium Duty Black Rubber Tyred Castors (eBay code RT21, eBay shop) to make a mobile water tank transporter as shown below In times where water supply is becoming short in certain areas of the country and the fact that natural resources are being wasted, Peter has decided to make […]